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Awards show

Hey! Look at this! My key still works! Well, let's go on inside and act like we own the joint. After my last deal here, I thought they would lock me out. Maybe they should have.

I'm not sure who deserves to be blasted this month. The Nostalgia Funny Car Association? No, they have actually settled down and are okay to be with in the same room...like the crazy relative at your house for Christmas or Kwanzaa or Hanukkah or Winter Solstice Pagan baby-burning time. Just don't engage them and it's fine. Or better yet, drink and ignore them.

The AA/FD Association? No, they are so over the top out of control it ain't funny. The racing is top notch and exciting but the oil-downs need to stop. What about the teams only getting one run out of a set of tires? I've changed my mind. They do need a slight blasting. I don't have an answer to keeping the RPMs down, the detonation at shut-off or the tire-chunking problems at bay but, man! The show at the CHRR had some downtime issues in regards to Top Fuel. I can see some of you asking "Why do you care? You weren't there!" Oh yes I was. Just because all weekend I only left my pit spot to tinkle and watch the Cacklefest, doesn't mean I didn't listen to the show on the P.A. The reins need to be pulled in somehow. What ever happened to the trick rev-limiter that was reported to be in testing a few years back? Don't get me wrong, these teams have done some amazing things to bring the speeds and ETs to where they are today. But, something's got to give. And that was heard from the top down folks.

Who else can we blast? The Cacklefest guys because when they step on the gas the flames go away? The sportsman racers for just racing and not getting all caught up in the politics? The people who haven't changed the posters above the urinals in the Famoso bathrooms for eons? Let's forget it. I'm blasted out. Probably because of all of the pre-presidential election blasting going on from the right and the left. I'm over it. They all suck. What ever happened to my buddy, "unsafe at any speed!" Ralph Nader? Regardless, hopefully whoever you and I vote for (I ain't telling!) gets elected and we can move on to more important meaningless things. One thing I would like. Governor Sarah Palin's wardrobe allowance. Would I be the best dressed broke welder you have ever seen or what?

Many of our racing associations have had their season ending events by now. Let’s congratulate a few of the champs shall we?

For the short squirrely types (and I'm not talking about Thing One and Thing Two here) the Fuel Altered bunch. Namely the Outlaw Fuel Altered Association. Texas, Louisiana and Missouri are where these cats raced. The 2008 honors go to, much like the 2007 honors, "Back to Back" Bobby Marriot. Bobby captured the title by a scant nine points and only won one event, Qualified number one twice, and saw two finals. The bridesmaid this year is Donnie Massey who actually won two events, qualified number one four times, and saw three finals. This is out of an eight race series. Congrats guys!

Next let's give some online love to the little brothers (or sisters) of the OFAA bunch, the Southwest Junior Fuel Association. Their rules are run under JR. Fuel B VRA (NHRA) rules. They race mainly in the great republic of Texas but made a stop in Oklahoma this year. They had a seven race series and they too had a repeat champion. Say hello to Keith Braezael everyone, your 2008 defending champion. If you get a chance to check out this group's website, don't let the fact that Keith looks like someone I surf with scare you. You know what else is cool about this group? They appoint a committee to take care of their own tech and other related issues. Sounds like something that could translate to other groups out there as well.

The next bunch have pretty much taken over the Midwest as the big dogs of nostalgia race promotion. That would be the Nostalgia Pro Comp Association. These guys have more classes than the nerdo college kids that live next door to me. When I leave for work at 4:30 a.m. they are up studying. And no, they are not up all night studying for their drug tests. They have books and stuff. And their blinds are open. The NPCA ran a four race series this year. Three of them in conjunction with the Goodguys (remember them?) Let's give a little DRO shout-out to the class champs and the association itself for a fine 2008! Stanke Motorsports-Super Eliminator. Coonce/Gram/Dewitt- Pro Comp One. Sears Motorsports-Pro Comp Two. Darrell & Sandy Wathen-B/Gas. Don Nave-Nostalgia Comp. Mike Skakan-Nostalgia Gas. Congratulations everyone!

My favorite nostalgia association, ANRA, just finished their season and I'm still waiting on the series champion tallys. In my humble opinion, this group puts on the most fun, family friendly races going. Butch continually invites the Things and I to the track. Anyone who invites the Things to anything is OK in my book! I was sent a really cool winners circle photo of Butch Hedrick, the president and el jefe of ANRA and the JR. Dragster winner of the finals, some kid named Josh Wagner. The pic is great, Butch is looking UP to Josh who also doubles as his grandson on non-race weekends. How in the heck does that kid fit in a JR? Since I'm picking on Josh I won't mention his MySpace page that lists his status as "Swinger" and he is there for "Dating". He's 16. How in the… I'll stop now because I'm on MySpace and I'm in his top friends. Or was.

Should I mention the Heritage Series? They get so much hype as it is.

OK, real quick. Hot Rod- Kurt Kaemerle. D/Gas-Alan Ross. C/Gas-Doug Araiza. B/Gas-Randy Armstrong. A/Gas-Ken Ratzloff. NE3-Lindsey Lister. NE2-Cecil Molina Jr. NE1-Dave Ward. JR Fuel B-Bud Hammer. JR Fuel A-Scott Parks. AA/Gas Supercharged-Steve Woods. A/Fuel-Kin Bates. Nostalgia Funny Car-Bucky Austin (I was #6, with a bullet!) Nostalgia Top Fuel-Troy Green.

Huge congrats to all of the above and especially everyone this year who ignored the doom and gloom and went and ran their race car.

Well gang I guess that's it. I could rag on a few more folks but really, is it worth it? Happy Halloween, and probably Happy Thanksgiving before you see me again. Lucky you!  

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