Early ADRL testing numbers impressive at Houston with better air to come

They are testing today at Houston for tomorrows ADRL’s season finale. Some of the teams and drivers recording good early numbers include perennial Pro Extreme “hitter” Jason Scruggs, who ran a 215+, and Al-Anabi racer Alex Hossler who ran a 3.60 ET for the eighth mile.

According to the Agent’s operative in Houston, the corrected altitude at the track today was just six feet above sea level. The predicted weather for Saturday is that a high pressure front will move in with temps in the 60s. If that forecast is correct then record speeds and ETs should result. Could the 3.40/220 barrier be broken at Houston? [10/18/2013]

Ohio’s Dragway 42 reportedly sold

The Agent hears that the iconic Dragway 42 in West Salem, Ohio, has been sold by the Ermantrout family to a group that have plans to revive that famous facility. Dragway 42 hosted both AHRA and later IHRA national events and was a premier Midwest dragstrip.

It has fallen on hard times recently and is in need of a “freshening up.” Reports are that the new owners have deep pockets and plan to keep drag racing at the track. Good news, indeed. [10/18/2013]

20th Halloween Classic is spooktacular

The 20th annual edition of the Halloween Classic was held at Firebird Raceway in Boise, Idaho. There was plenty of scary fun and even some drag racing.

Tracy Hawker (above) took part in the wheelstand contest known as the Firebird Air Show. The Hawker family brought 16 cars to the event! See the sidebar to our Halloween Classic coverage.   [10/18/2013]

The Last of the Quick 8 Outlaws

This is the 10th year for the Quick 8 Outlaws and, unfortunately, it will be the last.

When the club was formed, the rules were kept simple by requiring a powerglide transmission making for an affordable heads-up Pro Modified class. Thirty-plus racers banded together to run various eighth-mile tracks throughout the southeastern states nearly every other weekend.

However, due to the economic situation and competition from other series, racer attendance has declined at Quick 8 events.

“I believe that it was the drive and ingenuity of this group to push a simple powerglide to ET’s of 3.77 and speeds of 194 mph that caused the eventual converter revolution in Pro Mod,” Ric Fleck told the membership. “Anytime you see an automatic blister down the track you should feel a sense of pride as part of the group that started it all.”

The final event will be Saturday, Oct. 26, at Darlington Dragway in Hartsville, SC. [10/18/2013]