(Ron Lewis photo) [9/9/2011]

Jerry Haas Race Cars is nearing completion of first next gen Camaro PS

The owner of Jerry Haas Race Cars in Fenton, Mo., told the Agent at the U.S. Nationals that his shop is very near completing a brand new 2012 Camaro Pro Stocker for an undisclosed client. 

“We’ve been working very hard on getting the chassis built and then we will start working on the body,” said the award-winning chassis builder and driver. “We are waiting for the NHRA to approve it. We are trying to make it better than the two-year-old Pontiac GXP body that most current NHRA Pro Stock teams are using.” [9/9/2011]

Joe Signorelli sets world's quickest import time

At the end of last century the American import drag racing scene really looked to be the next big thing with many different sanctioning associations drawing in many thousands of new racers. Six second Mazda Rotary and 2JZ Toyotas tuboed engined cars were simply amazing and as time went by the 6.5 second and 220 mph barriers were broken but these lacked any sort of reliability. Many drivers who were there at the start couldn't keep throwing money at it and ten years later the tide has turned and the groundswell gone.

A lot of America's best “Import” race cars have made their way down under and now we have the worlds quickest and fastest 2JZ and Rotary Import race cars. This week saw testing for the ANDRA Nationals and Joe Signorelli ran the world's quickest ever time 6.384 at 223.32 mph. The agent wonders if Mr Signorelli might be going to  CarL Weisenget’s big Import race later year at Orlando Speed World Dragway.

Here is the breakdown: 1.039 (60-ft); 2.811 (330); 4.207 at 178.10 (660); and 5.388 (1,000).  (Jon Van Daal photo) [9/9/2011]