Say, you don’t mind paying us just a bit more, do you?

The NHRA has just added another fee for their contingency sponsors for 2012. In this economy is that any way to treat your marketing partners? See our News & Analysis. [11/8/2011]

‘Big Mac’ talks Cagle roadster on Speed Scene tonight

The late Jim Hawthorne, Darr’s father, with driver Gary Cagle.  (photo from the Hawthorne Archives)

The Voice of NHRA Drag Racing, Dave McClelland, will be on Speed Scene Live TV tonight, Nov. 8, with video of the Newhouse/Cagle modified roadster we featured last month in DRO.

The original car was an event winning terror in SoCal and along the west coast in the Sixties, and has been lovingly recreated by the Gruzen racing family with help from many others.

Join Lucky, Diana-Mite and Bruce to learn a little about this historic car, and the family that grew up around it. They even have video of the new car going down the track for the first time ever.

Speed Scene Live TV is located at and can be watched live every Tuesday night at 6 Pacific / 9 Eastern time, or any time on the archives page of the site. [11/8/2011]

Tulsa Raceway Park gets a reprive! KCIR doesn’t

The Agent has it on good authority that the venerable Tulsa, Oklahoma, track has a reprieve. Reliable sources report that a Missouri Pro Mod racer has leased the track from the new owners for at least three years. According to the Agent’s O.O. (Okie operative) the track was purchased by a rock quarry company (Apex) for the limestone that is under the track but it will be at least 10-15 years before they will start digging on the site of the drag strip.

This is very good news for drag racing. On the other hand, it appears that KCIR near Kansas City, Mo., will get no reprieve and the homeowners around the track will prevail in getting the tack closed. [11/8/2011]