Rumors regarding Lucas and Al-Anabi racing rampant at SEMA Show

(L-R) Morgan, Charlotte and Forrest Lucas.  (Todd Dziadosz file photo)

Several sources who have been spot-on in the past regarding these teams report that Morgan Lucas and Shawn Langdon won’t be racing their own cars next season but will take the Lucas Oil money and join Alan Johnson Racing.

Our sources say that Del Worsham was already stepping away from the dragster and would not drive for Johnson in 2012, that he'd made arrangements to go elsewhere.

Our sources report there have been some money issues with Johnson’s sponsor, which given the massive spending cut backs at the Al-Anabi-backed ADRL this year make some sense, although the Agent has been told by Al-Anabi sources that the money to fund each year of racing is deposited in Alan Johnson’s U.S. bank before the season starts. You readers will have to decide which version to believe.

One thing is sure. The stated goal of Shiekh Khalid Al Thani to win a World Championship in both the NHRA and the ADRL has been accomplished so it wouldn’t be unreasonable given the political situation in the Near East that the Al Thani family might draw down their presence both financially and personally in U.S. drag racing.

Also, moving the Lucas Oil team to AJ Racing would make instant favorites out of the two young drivers and probably cost Forrest Lucas considerably less to do since he wouldn’t have to foot the cost of keeping a two-car Top Fuel team going.

One last speculation. The Agent was told at the recent HHR race at Bakersfield that Jim Head is going to have the Worsham’s build another Nostalgia Funny Car in addition to the one driven by son, Chad. Could Del be in line for that ride? (Todd Dziadosz photo) [11/4/2011]