Despite owners wishes, KCIR to be bought by city and turned into a park

The “Showtime” AA/FC comes to the line at KCIR during July’s AA/FC Challenge presented by Mickey Thompson Tires.  (Dennis Mothershed photo)

Kansas City has taken a step toward buying Kansas City International Raceway so it can be converted into a park. The city council approved purchase of  the 93-acre property on Thursday, Nov. 3.

Dan Porrevecchio, past president of the Little Blue Valley Homes Association, told the Kansas City Star his neighborhood group had been trying for a long time to relocate the racetrack, which was noisy. He said the new city park will be adjacent to the county’s Little Blue Trace Park and will become part of a regional park complex that can feature softball and soccer fields and trails.

Porrevecchio said the community is also working with the racetrack’s owners to find a larger, better and more accessible venue within the city for the drag racing operations.

Track manager Todd Bridges told the Agent that the owners did not want to sell, but felt it was inevitable because of the pressure of housing developments that had expanded into the area in recent years.

“I am saddened by the news and disappointed for all (including myself) that KCIR provides a living for or a way of life for. KCIR has been an important part of the Kansas City community for over 40 years. KCIR provides a safe and controlled environment for drag racers, a quality place for race fans to enjoy racing entertainment, and a living for hundreds involved in the racing industry,” Bridges said. [11/4/2011]

Juarbe runs the table at World Sport Compact Challenge

Puerto Rican superstar drag racer Jorge Juarbe KO’d his opposition at last weekend’s inaugural World Sport Compact Nationals held at Orlando, Florida’s Speed World Dragway.

Mr Juarbe set both ends of the track record for Sport Compact cars with a stellar 6.891/201.19 effort, but went on to reel off a series of six-second, 200-mph passes on his way to the win over Aruba-based Frans Fanson in a classic Rotary versus Toyota engine final, picking up a check for $`10,000 in the process.

DRO will have a full report on the race in the November issue of DRO which is going up next Tuesday. (Steve Gruenwald photo) [11/4/2011]