Bunny’s back in pink

Here’s a look at Bunny Burkett's new car. These photos were taken Saturday, Aug. 14, at 75-80 Dragway in Monrovia, MD. Burkett was part of a four car, booked in program, augmenting the track's 10.5, 5.80 Index, and 5.20 Index programs. Elapsed times were secondary to lots of noise and track-length burnouts.  (Todd Krzysiak photos) [8/16/2010]

Petty preparing another Carlton for XTF debut

The Agent learned this weekend that noted turbo tuner Steve Petty (shown) out of the Pro Line Racing shop is helping Jason Carlton get ready for his ADRL Extreme 10.5 (XTF) debut Sep. 10-11, at Rockingham Dragway. Carlton is the brother of past XTF competitor Jake Carlton.

"We tested in Atlanta just before the ADRL race in St. Louis and he made three nice laps," Petty said. "We were going to race there (St. Louis), but just ran out of time getting things ready, so he'll be out at Rockingham instead."

Petty said another pre-race test session is planned for Bradenton, Florida, later this month.  (Ian Tocher photo) [8/16/2010]