Volume IX, Issue 12, Page 15
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Five-Second Door Car Club is a performance club honoring the first 16 drivers and tuners who run a sub-six-second quarter-mile pass on the North American continent. Jackets will be awarded by DRO to the driver and tuner of each car. Jackets will be available to the crews at cost.
Mitch Stott became the first member of the club with this run at Darlington on Valentine’s Day 2003.  (Jeff Burk photo)
1. Mitch Stott 5.98/231 Feb. 2003 Darlington, SC Jimmy Rector
2. Joshua Hernandez 5.99/236 Oct. 2006 Rockingham, NC Howard Moon
3. John Russo 5.99/239 Mar. 2007 Valdosta, GA Al Billes
4. Troy Critchley 5.94/245 Mar. 2007 Gainesville, FL Howard Moon
5. Raymond Commisso 5.98/242 Mar. 2007 Gainesville, FL Al Billes
6. Mike Janis 5.96/237 Mar. 2007 Gainesville, FL Mike Janis
7. Chip King 5.95/??? Mar. 2007 Gainesville, FL (test) Bill Barrett
8. Scott Cannon 5.99/238 Apr. 2007 Houston, TX Scotty Cannon
9. Doug Palmer 5.99/238 Apr. 2007 Atlanta, GA Julius Hughes
10. Jay Payne 5.96/242 June. 2007 Englishtown, NJ Brad Anderson
11. Scott Filkins 5.96/242 Aug. 2007 Epping, NH Lonnie Houde
12. Mike Stawicki 5.97/233 Oct. 2007 Rockingham, NC Jim Salemi
13. Steve Engel 5.97/241 March 2008 Houston, TX Brandon Pesz
14. Danny Rowe 5.99/236 April 2008 Atlanta, GA Jimmy Rector
15. Jim Halsey * 5.998/240.68 October 2008 Englishtown, NJ Halsey/Fulton
16. Tommy D’Aprile 5.957/240.04 October 2008 Englishtown, NJ Mike Janis
* Nitrous Oxide inujected

We are actively seeking other information such as the thousandths numbers for the ET’s and speeds so that the historical record is correct. If we have any incorrect information we welcome any documentable corrections. Send information to jeffburk@dragracingonline.com.